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About LMR


Successful project management involves a lot more than just planning – it requires leadership, identifying the right people for the right roles, managing productivity and efficiency, and most of all encouraging teamwork.

– Lena Ryals 


Meet Lena 

LMR Consulting's Driving Force

An entrepreneur with 20+ years of experience at Fortune 500 and small/medium-sized businesses, Lena marries a deep understanding of business operations with a focused yet flexible approach to every engagement.  Clients will benefit from her track record of managing complex, large-scale projects from scope to completion and her ability to partner with decision-makers at all organizational levels. The LMR Consulting approach is simple: Assess what’s available on the client-side, then determine how best to complement or guide that experience to maximize benefits and results.

I have had the pleasure of watching Lena grow in her career over the last 20 plus years. She was my go-to resource when I needed a project developed and managed. She then brought those skills to start managing and building her own operations teams. Lena is resourceful. Her success lied in building great working relationships throughout our organization. In Lena, you will find a change agent that will turn your projects around.

Richard Shoolbraid

Retired Director - Operations Command Center

Prudential Financial

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