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About LMR


“It’s essential that a CEO has the unwavering support of a COO who can lead the company through critical projects, ensure the right team members are in place, and create efficiencies across all levels of the organization. It’s a trusted partnership, with the COO alleviating the leadership and project management burden of the CEO so he or she can focus on the organization’s next steps.”

– Lena Ryals 


Meet Lena 

LMR Consulting's Driving Force

Lena Ryals brings more than 20 years of high-level leadership and project management experience to LMR Consulting. She has filled vital roles for Fortune 500 companies as well as small to mid-sized businesses, making her an asset to organizations of all sizes. She has a demonstrated history of successfully managing complex, large-scale projects and making the critical decisions necessary to deliver exceptional outcomes. Lena’s clients appreciate her collaborative approach, customized solutions, ability to capitalize on organizational resources, and lead impactful projects that spur revenue growth.

I have had the pleasure of watching Lena grow in her career over the last 20 plus years. She was my go-to resource when I needed a project developed and managed. She then brought those skills to start managing and building her own operations teams. Lena is resourceful. Her success lied in building great working relationships throughout our organization. In Lena, you will find a change agent that will turn your projects around.

Richard Shoolbraid

Retired Director - Operations Command Center

Prudential Financial

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